New to Church?

Walking into a church for the first time can be a bit daunting. It is a bit like coming to a party when you don't know any of the other guests. No matter who you are, we really hope that you feel welcome to come and check things out. 

Below are some questions and answers to help you get here and feel at home:

When and where do you meet? Where do I park?

Dickson Baptist Church is at 133 Cowper Street in the Dickson Shopping precinct. We meet each Sunday at 9:30am and 6pm. There is ample parking in the Dickson Shopping centre between the library and the church and the parking is free on Sundays. There is also free parking at the Dickson Swimming Pool carpark across the road from the church.  

What happens at church?

We gather together to worship God and to encourage one another in our faith. Usually we sing songs, are led in prayer, hear the Bible read, hear teaching from the Bible, and catch up over morning tea to get to know one another better and connect. 

Can I come if I'm not a Christian?

Of course! We want to make the kind of space where you can 'check things out' and explore it. We would love you to come even if you are not a Christian.

Are kids welcome?

Absolutely! The church is a place for people of every age and stage. We have a kids program that runs throughout the service so that kids can explore faith in a safe, fun and age appropriate way. See our Ministries page for more info.

Will there be people like me? 

Maybe. We are a small congregation made up of people from different walks of life. One of the wonderful things about the Christian message is that it is for everyone, and so it brings together people who are different in lots of ways. We want to be welcoming and hospitable to everyone, so even if people aren't exactly like you, hopefully you find a community that loves and welcomes you. 

What do I wear?

No one wants to be the one over-dressed or under-dressed at the party. Fortunately God is more interested in the heart than the dress code. Some people dress up, some don't, but come as you feel comfortable. 

Hopefully this answers your questions , but really there is no substitute for just coming along. 

We would love to meet you soon.