At Dickson Baptist Church our mission is to be and make disciples of Jesus among those of all ages in our church. We know that the years between childhood and adulthood are a key time in the faith of many young people. For many, it's the time when they first come to faith. These years are full of growth, exploration, change, and challenge. We long to see our youth discipled well during these years as part of a loving church community, so they can step into adulthood with their faith firmly grounded in Jesus.

Part of discipling our youth at DBC is providing our young people with spaces where they can gather with those their own age and explore together what it looks like to live as disciples of Jesus. We long to see our young people grow in their knowledge and love of God, as well as have the opportunity to explore topics and issues from a biblical perspective. We pray that as our youth grow as disciples of Jesus, they in turn reach out and invite their friends to explore becoming disciples of Jesus too.

Our weekly youth ministry is divided into a Junior Youth Group for those in years 6-9 at school (Dickson Youth) and a Senior Bible Study for those in years 10-12 at school (Senior Youth Connect).

Dickson Youth

Our junior youth group runs on Friday nights during school term for those in years 6-9 at school. We meet in the church hall and spend our time sharing food, having fun, learning from the Bible and praying for ourselves and the needs of those around us.

This ministry is led by a small team of youth leaders who are passionate about modelling what it looks like to follow Jesus, and having fun along the way.

Senior Youth Connect

Our senior youth Bible study meets on Thursday nights during school term in one of the youth leaders' homes. This group is for those in years 10-12 at school plus those in their first few years out of school.

The group spends time catching up over supper before opening the Bible together and then finishing the night in prayer. A few nights a term the group will also hang out and do something social together.

Interested in coming along?

Get in touch with us to find out more about youth ministry at Dickson Baptist and how you can get involved.

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